InvokeCode:add values to FieldType Table

I want to invoke C# code and want to insert values in FieldType Table. In the extractionResult I have field which has Type Table, I want to add values in that field. What is the best way to add values to FieldType Table? Here is the code below when I see the excel document I don’t see any data in tab for “Allocation Methodology”.
var objAllocationMethodology = autoExtraction.ResultsDocument.Fields
.Single(f => f.FieldName == “Allocation Methodology”);
objAllocationMethodology.Values = new ResultsValue[1];
ResultsDataPoint comp = new ResultsDataPoint(1, Fields Name 1, FieldType.Table);
List lst = new List();
comp = new ResultsDataPoint(2, Fields Name 2, FieldType.Table);
objAllocationMethodology.Values[0] = new ResultsValue(lst.ToArray(), 0, 0 );|