Invoke workflow variable path

Hello all.

I have numerous workflows all doing similar task of reading a PDF and using string split to get the variables i need. Each one is created for a different supplier, who all issue different invoice layout, but the Variables i’m getting are all named the same (i.e Invoice number, Invoice total, Freight Charge, PO number, etc) when they come back to the parent workflow.

Currently i have a massive flowchart with flow decisions based on which supplier the invoice is from. i.e: If from supplier X, do this workflow, if not, try next work flow. Keep going until it finds correct sequence in the flowchart to run the string splits), and return correct variables for the supplier invoice)

My question: Could i turn each of the Sequences into Invoke workflows and then use a variable to run the right workflow (variable based on supplier name, which would also be the filepath and xmal name) and get rid on the laggy, massive folwchart?

The arguments going in & coming out from the workflow will all be the same for all Invokes. Will it crash because it does not have the arguments imported at run time?

Variable for supplier is (eg): SuppName

invoke workflow file path:: "C:\Documents\Uipath"+SuppName+ " \ " +SuppName+ “.xmal”


Short answer - Yes.

Make sure when you’re setting up your arguments to assign the correct direction for them “in” or “out” vs only using “in/out” as this will speed up your workflow.

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It does not seem to work :frowning:

I think it might have to do with the variable that is on the excel document is treated as a string, and not code when its extracted from the excel and put into the assign.

Anyone know how to turn a string into code?


Do you have a copy of your workflow?

Hi Mike, sorry that I can’t help you with how to convert strings to code. But it sounds that your setup is really complicated now. Have you considered using a cognitive capture service like Data extraction from invoices - Rossum and UiPath | Rossum ?

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