Invoke Workflow Validation

we should validate and show error if

  • invoked file does not match
  • parameters do not match

I like the idea but have some questions:

  • invoked file does not match
    What about invoke paths that are known only on runtime (as in - include variables)? Will they be completely omitted, same as with Import Arguments currently?
    Could you give a more real-life example of a situation that would produce this error?

  • parameters does not match
    What about optional parameters?
    Since there is no overloads for these invokes, in some cases for more generic workflows we have some arguments that are only used in conjunctions with others and omitted otherwise.
    Do note that not including the parameter at all in the invoke can in edge cases give different result than having it on the list and supplying value (if defaults are set in the invoked workflow).

I can clearly see it working nicely for mistyped argument names or plainly having something extra that doesn’t exist anymore on the other side, but the questions above I think are important, as the case of Import Arguments shows (hat tip to @nicolas.roussel ) that different use cases need to be incorporated from design phase (or not incorporated knowingly and documented).



Missing parameters will be ignored.
The ones that are in the invoke but not in the corresponding wf will throw error.


Validation error on missing Invoke file would be a very good idea. Today I noticed that my Main didn’t raise any errors after I moved some modular workflows.