Invoke workflow issue

Hello i am trying to invoke a new workflow inside my inital one to extract some data etc. But getting this error upon invoke


Hi @langsem

Kindly check that you have set the condition before the flow chart used.

Seems like your ‘if’ decision flow does not have a conditional statement. Check it again.

Yes, but dont quite understand what i shall set in the condetion :stuck_out_tongue: also where its the condition

Can you share project file?

its quite big, but can share a snippet

project.json (946 Bytes) snippet.xaml (34.4 KB)


Connect the for-each to start

Right Click on for each and select set as startnode


Please Check condition for ‘IF’ decisionflow in Extract information from dbs.xaml file

its not an if, its an for each loop

Main.xaml (131.8 KB)

thats the hole project, but it will crash because you are msising files but you will see how its structured

i figure out where the error was, but i have anotehr problem. I have a variable in the main and in the invoke workflow i need to use that variable, but i cant find it