Invoke Workflow Interactive is dead slow


We have an workflow which takes less than 7min to run, but my usecase is to run the workflow using ‘Invoke Workflow Interactive’ which takes more than 25min.

We have observed this delay only when using ‘Invoke Workflow Interactive’.

My Queries are 1. Is this the default behavior of ‘Invoke Workflow Interactive’ activity.
2. Is there any better way to use this activity so that I can reduce the running time of the workflow.

Could someone please help me in solving this.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi @vinnu.vanga,

  1. Please check the argument ,while you are sending unnecessary data.
    Example . Instead of sending the datarow that your sending the datatable.

  2. Verify the parameter type. Some times, it has to pass in argument. But we pass in and out both type. Same as Out argument

  3. Unnecessary activity in the main file.
    For example . In the Invoke Workflow File has attach browser activity. It has been called from main.xml inside an Attach browser activity . So the 2 attach browser activity is not necessary . please verify like these cases.

  4. The behavior of the work flow file activity . it runs synchronously .


Everything is fine but still “invoke workflow interactive” is dead slow. Any other workarounds.

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