Invoke Workflow - Import Arguments losing existing argument mappings


In the latest version of Studio 18.4, on the Invoke Workflow activity the Edit Arguments button has been removed and replaced with a new Open Workflow button.

The Edit Arguments button is, to me at least, very import to remain as it is the way in which one can map new arguments added to the invoked workflow without losing all of the existing argument mappings.

In the new version, clicking on Import Arguments erases the existing argument mappings, requiring the developer to re-instate all the previous mappings. This presents the risk that the mappings will not be re-instated correctly. It’s also a pain and a waste of development time.

Please can either:
(a) the Edit Arguments button be re-instated - it’s simple enough to right-click on the activity to select Open Workflow as before, or open the workflow from he Projects pane
(b) the Import Arguments function be amended to work like the Edit Arguments function worked, such that existing argument mappings are not erased.


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Please check below thread.

Hi Laskshman

Ah, so the Edit Arguments is available via the ‘…’ button on the Properties panel on the activity. Not so very obvious and not made clear in the activity guide page.

Many thanks.

Hi again

One flaw though. If you have added or removed an argument to the invoked workflow, you have to select ‘Import Arguments’ again to refresh the argument list. This then results in the loss of existing argument mappings.