Invoke workflow file: If : Object reference not set to an instance of an object

I have a process that has been running unattended scheduled through Orchestrator on a Robot VDI. I recently got this error:
“Invoke workflow file: Invoke xxx: Invoke xxx Log Out: Invoke workflow file: If : Object reference not set to an instance of an object.”

It appears that the workflow file, which is fully qualified in the invoke, could not be accessed? Not sure why, as nothing has changed with the location or permissions of the workflow file. A simple rerun of the process worked fine.

Do I need the Invoke in a try/catch? Or is there some other way to avoid getting this failure.

Thanks Joe

Hi @bonjoe_191

Just a guess, but maybe it was temporary locked by an antivirus software? You could try the Retry activity to make it slightly more robust (if the issue will keep happening).

Thank You - I was thinking it might have been a network blip but wanted to see if this was a common event.

From this error message, it says that an activity titled “If” got the error. Identify which activity this is, and look at the variables used in the condition - it’s possible there is a coding flaw right before this causing a random delay which means a variable did not get set to a value.

Note: Make sure you are renaming your generic activity names so you can identify the activity failures quicker.

If you can identify where the error occurs, then you can probably figure out what solution is needed. Or, post a snippet of the problem area and we can help.


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