Invoke workflow file doesn`t work as I expected .. Any Idea?

Hi there!

I had notice that I could reuse a workflow that I made before to do another automation, so I decided to create another folder (A) just for keep this code separate, so I did, and from my new project (Folder B) I called this workflow form the other folder (A) and started to work as I was expecting but, this other Folder (A) had a long process so I divided in 2 workflows and the workflow 1 call the workflow 2 to do the whole process and here was my problem because when should run the workflow 2 Uipath throw an error and said that workflow 2 is not found in Folder B, that escenario doesn’t make me any sense, but maybe I’m wrong.

Also I just tried running just Folder A and was ok. So I don`t see what is wrong here.

Any idea how to solve it?

Hi Carmen,

Not sure if I understand your scenario correctly. You have a common workflow shared between 2 projects and then you modified the common workflow and its not working in one of your projects, is that correct?

If you need to do major customization why not have the workflow in the project folder itself.


ehm nop … I just wanna reuse a workflow that call another workflow too but I’m getting an error here … I was reading this … About Libraries but I didn’t understand how I can reuse the workflow after doing that.

Anyways I change the relative path for an absolute path and is working now …but anyways I would like to know if there are another way to reuse parts of a process.