Invoke workflow - Error Getting value from 'attributes' on 'UiPath.Core.UiElement' on second time


I just stumbled upon an error, which I guess has something to do with caching?

UiPath Version: 22.10.3
Compatibility: Windows - legacy

The closing workflow for my template is taking files from one folder and closing all of the applications in for loop.

All the files have the same format, they take Dict(String,Object) as input and use the UiElement inside the dict to close the application.

First application in the loop closes without any problems however every second time the loop is executed automation exits with an error:

As if one of the inputs was UiPath.Core.UiElement and had problem with decoding it.

I used different ordering to check whether that’s a single file problem, but having 2 files (A and B).
If A is executed first it closes the app and then the error happens on B
If B is executed first it closes the app and then the error happens on A

Any idea what might be the problem here? Never had such a problem on 22.04, I didn’t downgrade to check it there though.



I did a clean reinstall of UiPath it didn’t help.
It seems to be an internal UiPath error which cannot be caught with Try/Catch. I mean even after catching it the error still preserves and brings automation to the end.

Hello @GT_Ropa

Can you please confirm whether you have properly mapped the arguments? I can see a Red mark near the Import Argument button.

Also, can you try migrating to Windows from windows-Legacy.


Hi @Rahul_Unnikrishnan

I did mapped it correctly, the mark appears because I’m using dynamic workflow path.

I could try migrating it, but I want this template to be for Windows-legacy.