Invoke workflow but skip first step in invoked workflow


I need to invoke an existing workflow. However, i need to skip the first activity in the workflow. Is that possible to do? I can’t alter the existing workflow that I want to invoke because it is being used.

Possible or not?

Hi @Asanka you have to see what does that activity do. If you want to skip it maybe you can create another workflow with all the other activities except the one you don’t want. Or you can comment that activity. It basically depends on what that activity does. Please give us some more information if these doesn’t seems the right way to do it.

Well the one that I am invoking starts by asking for a number. I don’t want this part to happen because I grab the number from the first workflow. I just want to pass that number to the invoked workflow using an argument.


I really don’t understand what you are trying to do, why dont you copy the original workflow and modify it by removing or commenting out the activity you do not want. I do not see a different way of skipping that workflow you have to make a copy, fortunate enough now UiPath can copy a sequence or workflow with its relevant variables.

I believe you should comment out that activity if you don’t want to use it for time being. Later on if you want, then remove it as a comment.

Yeah i’m just thinking about down the road. If I need to make an update, ideally i would only need to change 1 workflow instead of multiple ones.

Okay thanks for getting back to me everyone