Invoke work flow file activity

I’m not finding edit arguments button in invoke work flow file activity instead finding open workflow and import argument buttons please suggest how to deal this?

Yeah, that is the new enhancement in the studio @Ishwar_P_S,

You can find the arguments in the right side properties pane where you can edit the arguments


I have 30 to 40 variables from main workflow, I need to use them in a seperate workflow how to do it I’m not able to create multiple arguments in invoke work flow file activity can you help in this

Create arguments first in the workflow which you are trying to invoke, Then when you click on arguments, you will be able to see all the arguments so that you can assign the main workflow variables to those arguments @Ishwar_P_S

You can create arguments in your main workflows instead of creating it as variable, then you can see all those arguments in your invoke workflow file activity. click on import arguments and you can assign your child variables to your main flow arguments and use can create multiple arguments if necessary.