Invoke VBA Storage Bucket

Is it possible to invoke a vba script from a .txt saved in a storage bucket within the orchestrator?
Currently, the Invoke VBA activity requires a the file path, is there any way to point to the storage bucket?

I haven’t jumped into Storage Buckets yet… but most likely you would need to use the Download Storage File activity to save the file to a temporary space followed by Invoke VBScript and afterwards delete the temporary file when the VB Script is complete.

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Hello @Joao_Pereira , excuse me but I have a question with the vba scripts in the orchestrator, I have a project which requires using several of these scripts, which are stored in the project folder, locally when executing the project it works without problem, but when at the time of running it in the orchestrator it does not run the scripts, it does not show an error, it just ignores them.

Do you have any idea what could be happening?

You need to use the full path (C:\Users…) when you are running from the orchestrator.

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