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I am trying to run a VBA macro from Studio but it always fails saying permission denied.

  1. I have already set the trust centre settings to 'Trust access to VBA object model

The macro itself just brings up a message box (as it’s just a test). But when I run the Uipath process I get a permission denied error.

Does anyone have an idea what is going on here please?

I’ve attached the spreadsheet and the very simple workflow.

There is also something a bit weird going on where if I stop the process (in debug mode when the error is first generated) and then shut down the excel, a ghost excel process is left running which I can shut down manually (with task manager) but the kill process activity doesn’t seem to have any effect at shutting this down (I don’t think this is related as I kill the excel manually prior to running the process)

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Hi @charliefik,

.InvokeVBA (14.7 KB)


Hi @charliefik,

Try the following things,


Hi @rmunro thanks very much for the reply but I need to be able to run a macro embedded in a workbook rather than a vba script run from a text file.

Thanks for the example anyway.

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I’m such an idiot I should have been using the execute macro activity! Don’t worry I am currently banging my head against wall to help knowledge sink in.

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