Invoke vba method with accents

Hi everyone,

Need help plz.

I am using invoke vba in french workbooks, Uipath changes the letters with accents (é,…) to other caracters that generates bugs.

does anyone know how to fix this.


Does changing the language setting help with this maybe?

I tried changing the langage of UIpath to french, but no changes

If your invoking a VBA script then Uipath isn’t reading the data, is it not your script that’s changing the characters?

Can you please explain what do you mean by re invoking the script and all the rest.

Sorry I didn’t mean reinvoking that was just a typo. I mean that when you run the VBA script that’s a seperate thing, you can intiate it from UiPath but’s it not UiPath completing the process, so is it not the script that is causing the issue with the accents, not UiPath? Perhaps you should look at your script and excel settings?