Invoke UIPath Orchestrator API from Integration Hub

I am working on a solution to screen scrap Mainframe CICS screens using UIPath RPA bots and integrate with our integration hub. This is what I want to do. Please suggest feasibility.

  • Record CICS screen navigation in UIPath studio
  • Deploy UIPath XAML in Orchestrator
  • Invoke Orchestrator API from Integration Hub using REST
  • Orchestrator executes the CICS recorded steps and returns as a JSON which the integration can can consume.

Is this possible on UIPath?

What is the UIPath suggested approach and best practice for CICS screen integration?

P.S. I am new to UIPath

Since the process include screen scrapping of the mainframe screen so the process won’t run on the background. The scrapping screen should be on foreground while executing the workflow with orchestrator.
Rest all mentioned steps are feasible to be implemented on UiPath.