Invoke System1_Login workflow: Object reference not set to an instance of an object

Hi Awesome People!

I have no clue that why I am I facing the following error while doing advance certification…

The Arguments as shown below are same as mentioned in excel file

In your Invoke activty for InitAllApplications (in your INIT state), do you have Config in the Import Arguments section. If you didn’t place that variable next to the argument, then it will come in as empty, therefore getting you that error - that error means a variable or argument was not set to anything.


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Click on that Important Arguments in that workflow and show me screenshot once.

@Jasmine_Kaur_Buttar did you ever solve this? I am having the same problem.

@ClaytonM @lakshman!
Screenshot (4)|690x375
I have attached a screen shot of mine and I am still getting the error.

You might not be calling the InitAllSettings before. That would cause the Config to not be set. So you need to run it from the Main.xaml so it calls that invoke or place the invoke at the start for testing purposes.



@ClaytonM Thank you, simple mistake on my part.

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That helped me :slight_smile:

for me also same problem what i have to i can’t understanding please help me

@prashanth_reddy Try to debug the previously suggested solutions.