Invoke ProcessTransaction workflow

i am facing this issue in Process Transaction file

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Hi @Aarti_Godhasara, What is type data of the " in_transactionItem " argument you expect ?

in_TransactionItem type is QueueItem

@Aarti_Godhasara, by default, in_transactionItem type is QueueItem. If you work with Queue in Orchestrator, it’s alright, please go into the process.xaml and change in_transactionItem argument type to QueueItem.

In process.xaml have same type till show error same

Could you give me the main.xaml to solve this problem?

Maybe, your Uipath Studio has been update, so sometime you need edit argument in the Properties panel, same this instance picture:

Hi @Aarti_Godhasara,

Click ‘Import Arguments’ in invoke process transation workflow and check the datatypes.

I got my ans by change the type of transactionitem type string and again change into queue type.