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I have some questions around the size of nuget package that will be created if we have multiple “Invoke process” activity in the Main process say “Process A” that would be triggered from Orchestrator. As a part of the requirement, I need to build 1 big bot, “Process A” to do multiple jobs so we are planning that instead of creating multiple xaml files within “Process A”, we can create multiple processes (Process B, Process C…Process N) and “invoke” it within switch case in the “Process A”.

I wanted to know if there would be any difference in size of the nuget package, if i created multiple xamls within the same piece of code VS create separate processes and invoke it within “Process A”.

Thanks in advance!

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There would definitely be a difference in size if you were to split the processes into different projects as apposed to having them all in a single one.

For good practice it would be better to split them regardless for code maintenance purposes as you would have to repackage the master process each time you changed one of the sub processes.

Would it break if you had them all in one process, probably not as xaml files are not that big. It’s normally screenshots from automation activities that take up the space.

I agree with you @TimK, but I cant split them as separate projects, as source of input is vast and we want to maximize the utilization of licenses and make sure all the processes runs on all the machines based on real-time volume.
I need to have only 1 project(bot) running on all the machines and calling sub-processes based on the kind of input it receives.

So you feel creating 50 xaml files within a project is better or creating 5 different projects having 10 xamls each called within Main project is better?

If each process has a different function then I would segregate, however as you only have 1 robot running the process and 50 xaml files isnt alot in terms of size so you could just have it all in one.