Invoke process will not end

No force kill

Can you check task manager if any particular process is shooting up your the ram from Users in task manager, maybe that would give us the root cause.

Everything normal in task manager – it is a local pc with no other users



Did really a lot of testing removing piece by piece in RPA4. What made it difficult was that several things caused the error.

Here is what I concluded what is needed to make invoke RPA4 work:

  1. remove all unused activities
  2. remove showFormActivity
  3. remove InputDialogActivity

Made a test with showFormActivity in another RPA and had the same error. So it seems there is a bug when using invoke together with Form and Dialog activities. Can somebody please help what I should do now?

I suggest you either or degrade your packages to see if it makes any difference. “UiPath.Form.Activites”

Hope you are not using any Beta feed or preview/pre-release packages.

Unfortunately I am not able to downgrade to an UiPath.Form.Activities dependencies that works. So the only solution would be to delete all Forms and Dialogs, which is not a solution for me. I suppose this is a bug that needs attention – how do I file such a bug?


Hi @raven

Would you happen to have a dummy project that still reproduces this issue?