Invoke Powershell - Runtime Execution Error


Looking for a little assistance here. I created a Powershell script that will package and deploy an application through SCCM. The script works fine when running through PowerShell, and I’ve used Invoke Powershell in other projects. But for some reason when I run it with this certain script I get an error message: The ‘DefaultLanguage’ attribute is invalid - The value " is invalid according to its datattype…

I am hoping this something someone ran into here already and its just changing the TypeArgument in the Properties panel.

Please see the image below:


For some reason UiPath was not ok with leaving DefaultLanguageID in New-CMApplication blank, even though it works through PowerShell itself. So after hours of troubleshooting found out that UiPath project was not able to find the default language of the system. I had to set CultureInfo to the project at the beginning by using assign activity for new CultureInfo(“en-US”) to System.Threading.Thread.CurrentThread.CurrentCulture

Finally able to run my script and get past this error.