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I have an excel with 3 columns and i need to fetch the rows whichever i’ll give in the condition inside for each loop. I’m using Invoke Method to fetch the row details into new datatable but i’m getting null, i’ve used invoke method few times before but now it’s not working. Please refer input excel as well as xaml file.

Note : This problem can be achieved alternatively with the Select statement. InputNonPO.xlsx (8.6 KB)
SequenceSample.xaml (8.8 KB)

In addition to that it’s not working, if i use Add Data Row by passing row into DataRow but it works when i pass arrayrow.
Goutham Vijay

Hi Goutham,
can you use this

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Read Range the Excel store in DatatableVariable1.

Use assign and use below code.

DatatableVariable2 = (from x in DatatableVariable1.asEnumerable() where convert.tostring(x(“Place”)).trim.tolower.contains(“mangalore”)
select x).copytodatatable

You can also use Filter datatable activity

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No this is not working…

I know this method…but i’m trying through invoke method…

Check the Workflow

SequenceSample (1).xaml (8.6 KB)


It’s working now…why can’t we create new datatable and assign it to invoke method?, any idea…

You are not creating the Required columns. there is discrepancy in column count and the Structure of the DataTable

Oh ok…i think the same say it works for an add data row, we should add column before.


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