Invoke Method - How Can I get ALL the supported 'Methods' of certain 'Target Object'

Hi, Everyone

I’m using ‘Invoke Method’ to call a method of an object. for example, in the Academy Trainings, there’s an example to ‘Add’ 1 line to ‘aList’.

Now, I’d like to check what the possible ‘Methods’ that I can ‘invoke’. for instance, If I’d like to remove 1 line from aList is there a built-in method called ‘Delete’ of the object ‘aList’.? (actually, I tried and failed, there’s no such a method for aList), and any other methods for me to ‘DO’ something else to aList.

so, here comes the question: How Can I get ALL the supported ‘Methods’ of certain ‘Target Object’?

Hello @hongliu you can use “target object”, after the variable use “.” and then check for various methods .(You will get a list of methods)

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Great. that’s what I needed :100:

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