Invoke Method for SMTP Email looks like Forwarded Email

Dear Experts,

I am trying to send smtp email with attachments.
I used invoke method and it worked with small mistake
The email is in Forwarded email form

I attached my flow here please help: Process.xaml (13.1 KB)


Please help,


@bri Is the xaml file attached the same as the xaml file you have shown in Screenshots? I see there is a difference since Invoke Method to save attachments is not present.

From the Screenshots, I have noticed that you are passing the Forward argument, and hence you are sending the mail as a Forward from another mail. I don’t think you need to provide that argument.

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yes they are same only. please help

i dont like to forward my attachments. my intention is to send an email with attachments. not forwarded.

@bri Then you just don’t need to add the mail message as Forward argument. Rest Everything seems fine.


Hi, if i remove that mail in forward, then there will be no attachments

@bri Ok. So you need to Attach a file that is present in another email and send it, is that right ?