Invoke GetAppcredentials workflow: Object reference not set to an instance of an object

Hello all,
I am practicing Re-Framework.
While using credentials( Using get Appcredential work flow) getting ERROR: Invoke GetAppcredentials workflow: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

Hi @Dinesh_Babu_S

The reason can be

  1. Your arguments value sent to GetAppCredemtials.xaml file in invoke workflow activity is empty

  2. The orchestrator, I am assuming your cloud orchestrator has a different name for the credentials asset you are trying to poll.

  3. You have spaces in your arguments string

  4. Your orchestrator asset is empty or asset is in a different Tennant

Try and check these possible reasons.

The error essentially occurs in many uipath activities when a required input to the activity is provided but the value is empty.

Hope this helps you debug the issue.

Hello jeevith,
I tried the above steps. But still getting the error.
I’ve attached the file.
Could you please look into this? (1004.8 KB)

Hi @Dinesh_Babu_S,

I tested the get credentials workflow and the place where you invoke it (Initialization) where the asset name is polled from in_Config(“credentials”).ToString

In both cases, I do get the Credentials from my cloud Orchestrator as below:


Your config.xlsx file has the correct value (“ACMELogin”) for the “credentials” key without extra spaces. So in_Config("credentials").ToString is going to work fine. But in the future you can also use in_Config("credentials").ToString.Trim this way you know that if by mistake your excel config file has values with extra spaces, the .trim method will remove it and initialization will work.

  1. Can you ensure that your Asset Name does not have any extra space in the end and is the same as the value in your config file?
  • “ACMELogin” :white_check_mark:
  • " ACMELogin" :x:
  • " ACMELogin " :x:
  • "ACMELogin " :x:
  1. Can you also ensure your asset has been created in the correct Tennant/Folder in orchestrator?
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I checked and see that every thing is setup correctly.
However , password in assets is empty. I’ve updated it multiple times, but its showing empty.
Is it default behavior of Assets?Emptypassword|605x295 .

That is correct. The default behavior is to not show the password string at all.

When I tested your file in my enviornment, I did connect to the correct asset.

Do you see a Green icon in Studio on the bottom part, it shows which folder you are currently linked to.

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Thank you.
Yes. It’s connected to default folder. I have set up the assets in this folder.
I am rebuilding the work flow. Let me check if that works.
And in password at least it should show something like this (*****) right? but in my case is’s empty.

It won’t show **** either. In my screenshot I was still in the password field so it looks like it should be. But the default behavior of password field is empty. I know it’s confusing :slight_smile:

Got it!
Thank you.

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