Invoke Code Not Working on Robot Machine(URGENT)!


I’m using an invoke code and there is one line in it.


There are 3 machines. Orchestrator, Studio, Robot. They are in same network

destinationPath is a folder in orchestrator machine. I can reach that folder in every machine like;


When i run project in studio it works perfectly. Saving zip attachment on the mail, exract it, then read xml file.

I published workflow to the orchestrator. Send job to robot. It’s not exracting zip. It save the zip attachment. Just show me error for read text file. Which can’t find the xml.

Did you guys saw this before? Is there any possible solution? Urgent problem. Thanks for your answers.

I don’t want to flood but this is a live process. If anyone can say something it will be appreciated :slight_smile:

@loginerror @Palaniyappan @Lahiru.Fernando Maybe you guys came across to this?

Would it help to map this folder on the target robot machine?

My immediate assumption would be that Invoke Code can’t handle network paths.

Most likely the most simple problem - permissions.

If it works fine from Studio (assuming with same network path) then it should not be problem of the InvokeCode activity.

If possible add some diagnostic code - like create a text file in the same path.


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Try to edit your main xaml file (open in notepad) - in the assembly reference list type System.IO.Compression like in the attached image. zip

@loginerror @J0ska @bnastase Guys thanks for your answers. It was an urgent problem like i said. I had to find a solution quickly. So I changed the invoke code to unzip activities from uipath go.

Today i get a different problem about project. Kinda same. I’m processing invoices on a website. Basicly taking emails, save attachments, getting values from xml, filling areas on the website like invoice no etc.,

This is working perfectly on the studio machine. When i look into orchestrator(robot machine process log messages) it seems OK(I said finally it processed all of them!). Then customer said we can’t see successfully processed invoices on the system.

I check resolutions(even in uipath settings file on robot machine), checked the logs(there is no negative log, i put everywhere log messages). Tomorrow i will put everywhere ss activities.

I saw some people talking about windows 10 1903 update(which our machines have). There might be a problem about it. I know there could be so many things for “works in studio but not in robot” . But do you have any advices for it?

Sorry for the long post. Thanks.

I had that before when I was launching it on a vm that was not opened. What was it doing - the VM had a 0x0 resolution, the apps were being launched and I had the correct logs, but nothing was actually processing. I had to go in the robot settings and set the resolution the robot is going to use - see attached

Yes sir, I did same thing too. 1920 for width 1080 for height and 32 for depth.

I think it’s about the website which i use for invoices. Robot just click save button, but website can’t get that transaction(bad developed website). I am waiting for the test site open. After that i will put screenshot every where and check robot. I will update this topic later:)

By the way can resolution depth make a problem? I typed 32 there.