Invoke code for string variable

Hello my dear friends
I have a Word document in which a table of two columns, the first column is a category, the second is the value of these categories.
I need to get all the values of the second column, but since UiPath is poorly integrated with the MS Word, you can get the cell values only through the INVOKE CODE for the string variable, which is obtained after integrating the Word file into the PDP, and from the PDF it is the string.
Get value that is enclosed between specific words or expressions
I have a bad knowledge of the VB, can you help me please???

@Kirill_Kubskiy, Follow the regex pattern to extract text between two words

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I must use activities assign or invoke code??
Thanks in advance for the answer.

@Kirill_Kubskiy, It can be used in both the ways. You can use it as per your requirement.

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Thank you, Dom

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