Invoke Code- Error Compiling Code

While executing XAML containing Invoke Code activity, am experiencing an error saying “…error BV2001:fileC:\windows\TEMP\Somefilename.vb could not be found”.

Appreciate any help.


can you share the wf?

Thanks for the response. There isn’t any content in the wf part from the invoke code activity, neither is there any code within invoke code.

Even a blank Invoke Code with no arguments and code in it is throwing this error.


It may be a installation issue, reinstall and check.


Check if there any activity update from the Manage Packages. If not, try to reinstall the Uipath Studio.

I just reinstalled the UiPath Studio but didn’t work. Once I accessed the TEMP folder with administrator privileges, and come back to run the XAML, I could get it working…

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