Invoice Scraping workflow

Hi all,
Good Day,

As part of the RPA nanodegree on Udacity, I am currently engaged in my second project which is invoice scraping and here below is the enquiry and objective to be done ;

  • How to check out if my gmail inbox has attachments or if it has no attachments? *

Besides, My suggestion for this command is * If * condition but got stuck with the expression

I tried “item.attachment.any” but making an error as shown below; emails.contains.attachment but got stuck with this expression …

kindly clarify for me the error shown ; many thanks in advance

@Mohamed_Hassan - what is your for each argument type?

Yes, There was a strange thing; I removed the activity and added it once again the error disappeared :wink: . So, It’s fine now :wink:

Thanks for help @prasath17