Invoice Project License

Hi, I need to know about the invoice project licensing part. I Got the license error while trying to create Invoice Project


kindly share the error to help you better


We use Abbyy Flexi capture to create template for extracting the data from Invoices. That template will be the Input for UiPath code. So while creating the Invoice project I got pop up saying You don’t have license to create Invoice project.
And Do we need extra license to create invoice Project?


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Hey @Murugesh_Jangalagi

Kindly show some screenshots?



In Abby each license includes a set of parameters which determine if the user has the right to perform certain document processing operations.

Check with your infra team whether the license you hold has the access for document definition because a license with a limit on the amount of fields in Document Definitions precludes the use of table fields and repeating fields in projects.

Cheers @Murugesh_Jangalagi

Sure, Thank you.

Any further queries on this topic