Invoice number Automation

Hii Everyone…
I have prepared a sales report automation…and I want to automate excel autofilling of invoice number…So anyone have any idea to automate this steps?..

Can you share the sample input and output …so easy to provide the solution


Yah Sure I’ll share it…

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@KuruvaJayaPrakash I guess you can use Auto Fill activity inside Excel Application Scope.

Although we need more information on input and output.

My automation automatically fill these details of invoice by giving input by using input dilogue box activity…but for only invoice number If I start to enter invoice it should don’t ask me for invoice number, It should create automatically by following above invoice number…

Hi @KuruvaJayaPrakash ,
I think you can use form
input is form , where user enter value to it, then paste value from form to excel file

if you have sale system. I think it will save data sale to database you can use it