Invoice Ml output for Table content in excel

This is my extracted output of ml invoice extraction

Col A-F is normal content of invoice
Col J is table content, i dont want the table type in col I how to achieve like the below output?



Because you are doing merge it is adding a new row…instead…use a add data row …for adding data and then use assign activity to update the serviceType colum


Hi @Anil_G
can u explain how to do that?


Is it always one service type that you get?

If so remove the second merge and then use

First a if condition to check if dt has Servicetype column if not add(From dc In dt.Columns.Cast(Of DataColumn) Select dc.ColumnName).ToArray().Contains("ServiceType") on then side do nothing…on else side use add data column and add ServiceType column

Then use for each row in datatable with ExportedDataset.Tables(2)

Inside the loop use assign with

Dt.Rows(dt.RowCount-1)("ServiceType") = currentRow("ServiceType").ToString


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