Invoice Extraction problems

For what reason i am getting this type of output in my excel file using document understanding. My original format of invoice FROM address is demo- sliced invoices and TO address is Test business. Output is different one. Despite that the confidence level also maximum. Need some guidance.


What’s your taxonomy like? Can you check the TO AND FROM address types in Taxonomy? It should be either “text” or “address”

Thanks for swift reply, I checked it and i set as a text. I’m using omnipage ocr.

Sure, can you provide more details? Whats the extractor you’re using? whats the expected value?

from my understanding you have two address fields which needs to extract text of some sort but instead you’re getting an extraction on “YES” is that correct?

We checked to see if the fields have boolean values but they appear to be text values.

Using form extractor and machine learning extractor.

Yes absolutely correct, i have two address fields but i need only the name of from and to. For that reason i make it as text.

and which extractor are you using for these two fields?

Using form extractor for that fields i got these type of output.

Thanks, please checked anchored positions for the address fields. you can try to delete the field name in taxonomy and add it again. If none of these work please share your xaml file.

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After deleted and again added the fields in taxonomy its work. Thanks for your continuous guidance.


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glad this worked, tc!

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