Invoice Date from ML and Form extractor

Hi all,

We have currently implemented invoice processing project using ML and form extractor. While it has been revolutionary changes to the finance department, we are having some issues with parsing dates from PDF copies.

With the ML, it extracts the date into yyyy-mm-dd format in some instances, while in some instances it would extracts into yyyy-dd-mm format. For an example, if the invoice date printed on PDF Is 06/08/20 (dd/mm/yy), then it may read it as 8th Jun 2020 in some cases, and 6th Aug 2020 in other cases.

Same issue with the form extractor, where the value of year also being read incorrectly in some cases. i.e. 19/08/20 will be scanned as 20th Aug 2019.

We are using end points for ML and position based extractor.

Anyone know the potential solution for this problem? Is it possible to create new variable for the form extractor and read it as a string rather than taken as in the date format automatically?

Happy to share more information, if required.


@chintan.patel… Tried with Regex? Is there any scope for using Regex? With regex we can extract the the date in the form of Text/String, later we can able to change that string to what ever date format we required.

Hi Mani,

Yes regex is an option, but we have around 25 different invoice types where dates being printed 25 different ways. i.e. “invoice date”, “date”, “Inv. Date” etc.

so having an unique regex for all various titles is just too difficult.

Seems to be a bug/issue with the end point (form validation and MI), which uipath is happy to resolve but it would take some time.

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Hi, I’m facing the same issue. Do you know when this will be resolved?