Invoice Comparison with various types

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Hope you are well. I have problem as a first step

  1. where we need to match different types of invoice and see which ones are similar interms of content or in other words find duplicate invoice.
    so if we have 3 invoices. Then ideally the bot has to do the below comparison
    1 vs 2
    1 vs 3
    2 vs 1
    2 vs 2
    2 vs 3
    3 vs 1
    3 vs 2
    3 vs 3
  2. Then compare the results with the existing database.

Please let me know how it can be accomplished any help would be great,

Hi @srinivas_pradeep

In terms of what it should compare

And also

1 vs 2 and 2 vs 1 are same ?

Also why there is 2 vs 2 comparison?

3 represents - 3 invoices.
1 - Invoice 1
2 - Invoice 2
3 - Invoice 3

so 1 vs 2 means . bot should compare invoice 1 and invoice2 and result if they are same or not. like that it should give for all

1 vs 2 - “Match” or “Nomatch”
1 vs 3 - "Match or "no match
yeah we can ignore 2 vs 2 comparison or 3 vs 3.

Thank you.

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Hi @srinivas_pradeep

I think same question is being answered

Is it right?

Hi @srinivas_pradeep,

I have few questions in my mind.

  1. The invoices you’re receiving, do they have any contain / any field unique?
  2. And why it’s required to compair the same 2 invoice twice, like 1 vs 2 and 2 vs 1 is same ?

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Hi @sharmi_86,

Yes it may have few fields in common. Yes we can ignore 1vs 2 or 2 vs 1.


Thanks @srinivas_pradeep for answering. I can think of an approach, if you can extract the common data from all the invoices and store it in a data table or excel and then using a nested loop it can get compared, if any record/field matches the row can be removed from the data table/excel .


Suppose fields are 3 common fields() ,extract the 3 fields from all the invoices and save it in a data table.
Then using nested loop the fields can get compare one by one. If the data are matching the row can be deleted from the data table.
1 vs 2 didn’t match (leave as it is)
1 vs 3 match (delete the row)

Hope you understand my idea of my approach and wish it will help.


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Hi @sharmi_86,

Thank you so much for the kind reply and the guidance. Really appreciate it. I am completely new to this field. So it will take a while before i execute it. is it possible to get a sample workflow?


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