Invite new users - No notification received (to admin mailbox) after the invitation has been accepted by the new user

Hi everyone,

I am new on UiPath admin role and I have to invite user from my organization to the Orchestrator.

I can make the invitation and the new user receives an email asking for an acceptance.

Once this is done a window pops-up displaying the following message : “Your admin has been notified of your request to access this app. Once your admin reviews the request you will be notified via email.”

Problem: I do not receive this email.

Does anyone know how to fix that issue ?

Hi @loirdiahmed,

Welcome to the community.

@loginerror, might be able to help you here.


Hi Shikhar,

Thank you!
@loginerror could you help me please ?

Hi @loirdiahmed

Does this maybe concern an Enterprise account?

If so, please contact our Cloud Support via this form:

Thank you

It is getting worse our environment has been deleted and we cannot reallocate our license that should last until 2025!

This sounds really bad!

Please reach out to our Licensing support or our Cloud support to resolve the issue:

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