Invalid username or bad password in orchestrator

I have given username and password. But process getting failed.

Can anyone please help me.

I’m totally new to this. Any additional documents please provide to explore

Logon failure: unknown user name or bad password

The username or password is incorrect. If your Robot username is in a domain please write it in the “domain\username” format.

Still getting Invalid username or bad password message

You have assigned your system credentials in orchestrator? or your robot you have given your custom credential?

Because if you have not assigned custom credential to robot on your system then use system credential in orchestrator robot provision

I have given my orchestrator username(domain name) and password.

But password is automatically changing

I am getting confuse with those words. Your orchestrator credential you are passing?

Are you trying to provision first? time? …If you are provisiong robot in first time then in the robot provision in orchestrator and in username and password field assign your system credential please.


Ok Thanks.

I have configured the Orchestrator with domain User Name ( say TR\ABCD123 )and Password and the Machine also configured , so i login to the Machine with TR\ABCD123 , the BOTs are getting listed without any issue

but if I login to with user TR\XYZ321 , the BOTs are not getting listed, ( its understable since Orchestrator is setup with other user)
is there a way to configure with Same RoboKey from Orchestrator to use for different User?

so ask is in Orchestrator i setup with ONE Robokey, but List of BOT should be displayed if we login with different Users

reason is , i have 2 BOT installed in that machine, Each BOT functionality is different has to access different application with their credential,

Any help is appreciated.