Invalid robot key when getting asset from Orchestrator though API

Hello everyone,

i am having issues with getting assets from Orchestrator 2018.3.1. I am able to create new asset without any problems i get this response:

  "@odata.context": "https:/$metadata#Assets/$entity",
  "Name": "JRTst2",
  "CanBeDeleted": true,
  "ValueScope": "Global",
  "ValueType": "Text",
  "Value": "An asset added through an API call",
  "StringValue": "An asset added through an API call",
  "BoolValue": false,
  "IntValue": 0,
  "CredentialUsername": "",
  "CredentialPassword": "",
  "Id": 43,
  "KeyValueList": []

but then when i try to retrieve the same asset like this:
i get this response all the time:

  "message": "Invalid robot key",
  "errorCode": 1002,
  "resourceIds": null

Is there anything i am doing wrong? When i try this:
it works fine, but this does not return password when retrieving credentials and thats what i am trying to do.

Any help would be highly appreciated.

Thank you;)

This might help?

Thank you Tim for your response. I talked to UiPath support regarding the same and it is anymore not possible to retrieve the password from Orchestrator 2018.3. And the correct endpoint to retrieve the asset should be https://…com/odata/Assets/UiPath.Server.Configuration.OData.GetRobotAssetByRobotId