Invalid package while uploading uipath.gsuite.activities on orchestrator


I try to upload a the las version of library uipath.gsuite.activities ( version 1.11.0) and the orchestrator send an error message “Invalid package details! (#1654)”

What can I do to solve the problem ?


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I guess GSuite package already there as it is UiPath package. May I know why you want to upload it again ?

And also select Package instead of Library and then try to upload it.

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I’ve uploaded the version 1.8.0 of the library without problem this morning.

I’ve try Package instead of Library and get the same problem.

I try to upload it manually on my orchestrator, because of the company’s proxy. The proxy block the DL of external librairies for users. So I have to put them on the server.


Before uploading, can you please search if this package and version number is already there on orchestrator?


Hi @sonaliaggarwal47 ,

I’ve an existing package with older version. But none with the version number.

Today I’ve the same problem with a version of Uipath.Credentitials.Activities.

For information I manually deploy my packages on the orchestrator. So I search a solution for upgrading associated libraries.


I’ve get a response from UiPath support.

It seems that packages that use .net5 version are only deployable on Orchestrator 20.10.6 and later

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