Invalid package id response from uipath team


We created a cumstom activity package for uipath market place, when we upload this package for review we got following message.

Please change the name of the package and the id from the package’s meta description. If you are posting this package on behalf of your company you should use the following convention: CompanyName..Activities. For instance, your NuGet can be named …

How ever,
When i change my package id in designer project to “CompanyName.Product.Activities” like below screen

i got following error message from uipath studio while importing my package.

Hello! I can’t seem to be able to reproduce this error - maybe it’s some kind of refactoring issue?

Have you tried building your package the usual way, by just editing it’s name and metadata id using the NuGet Package Explorer:
See if you are able to install it in Studio after doing this.


Kindly Note the Token .Implementation on End of the ID

Give a try on following (make Backups iff needed):

  • Remove package reference via Package manager

  • Close UiPath

  • delete all previous nugets of this custom activity

  • goto the nuget store C:\Users\YourUserName.Nuget and delete also all folders related to your activity

  • create NugetPackage again

  • Postedit the metadata with nugetexplorer

  • ensure FileName Part and ID is the same

  • store the postedited nuget to a dedicated location e.g. C:_RPA_Packages

  • Open UIPAth

  • Add a custom feed to your location e.g. C:_RPA_Packages

Check if it is found and recognized