Invalid package details! (#1654) - Can't upload library to Orchestrator (Uipath.ftp.activities.2.3.0.nupkg)

Does anyone know why I encounter an error when attempting to upload the library uipath.ftp.activities.2.3.0.nupkg to on-prem Orchestrator?

  • I’ve tried from the tenant level and host/admin level, the upload of uipath.ftp.activities.2.3.0.nupkg failed in both cases.
  • I’ve never seen this error before, and I’ve uploaded many packages and libraries.
  • I can currently upload other libraries without issue.
  • I’ve uploaded the sub-dependencies of uipath.ftp.activities.2.3.0.nupkg ( and fluentFTP), again, without issue.


Upload Source:

Package itself (originally downloaded from UiPath Studio): uipath.ftp.activities.2.3.0.nupkg (461.1 KB)

Appreciate any ideas,
Thank you!

I think I found the answer here: Invalid package while uploading uipath.gsuite.activities on orchestrator - #6 by WILLIAM_DAYOU

I’ll leave the thread here in case it helps anyone.

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