Invalid ActivityBuilder name

Sometimes (not all the time, but typically after an unexpected crash of process):
Sometimes I get an error:

Code: Error
Name: Validation Error
Description: Invalid ActivityBuilder name “xxxxx”. Suggested name “_xxxxx”.

Seems like the only way around it, is to close Studio an restart Studio. The process never fails after the restart of Studio. (Using v2020.10)

What could be the cause of this, and is there anything to do to avoid it?

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Hi @bjorn2390

Does this also happen on a newly created, “fresh” project?

Hello! Thanks for coming back to me. I think this is in projects that’s new, but not “fresh”. Meaning it could have several hours of working on it. So: Could it be the first day or two? Yes. But could it be after 2-3 minutes? I don’t think so. But it can also happen after a few weeks.

This post is somewhat old. I’ve done some REFramework projects since then, and I have to say that this hasn’t happend the last month, I would guess.
Just to timeframe the error happening.

Sorry that I can’t be more spesific. My suggestion is to close this thread, and if the error re-appear, I can post a new entry again.

No problem, that’s exactly what I’ll do. Feel free to report it again if it happens :slight_smile: