Introducing UiPath Studio, StudioX, Explorer Expert & Cloud Orchestrator 2019 Preview

:point_right: Introducing UiPath Studio, StudioX and UiPath Cloud Orchestrator 2019 Preview

We have just released a new product called StudioX and a lot of new features for Studio, Orchestrator and Robot. Check out the release notes for each product below to learn more!

A new product to the UiPath Platform familly: StudioX

Read more about this here: StudioX is here and is live in Community Preview and join the conversation on the StudioX category.

UiPath Cloud Orchestrator 2019 Preview

:mega: We’re REALLY excited to announce our Orchestrator 19.9 release. Like really. :rocket: :star_struck: :champagne:

Today’s release continues to advance scalability and flexibility, with significant progress on multiple fronts. We bring to you hierarchical folder support, attended robots auto-provisioning, long-running workflows support and a ton of queues, schedules, and jobs improvements. Making Orchestrator your trusted companion in terms of managing your automation resources has been a focal point in the past few months.

This is only half the battle. Let’s take you on a quick update tour:

Hierarchical Folders

Keeping your RPA deployment manageable and organized no matter the scale with Folders. Classic folders to maintain backwards compatibility while still segregating divisions of your business that are separate, and Modern Folders to easily manage resources while hierarchically structuring your Orchestrator instance with greater access management from the new ability of fine-grained role assignment.

Attended Robots Auto-Provisioning

Attended Robots that can be automatically created for whatever type of user identities you have in your instance, which are configured on the spot on a per-user basis.

Package Explorer

View the graphical representation of any package version uploaded to Orchestrator, just as you do in Studio’s Designer panel. Deep dive into any workflow, view a project’s dependencies, and look up any activity property and its value.

Long-Running Workflows

Support for processes that require logical fragmentation or human intervention. We set the stage for automating complex processes that either rely on the completion of other processes, or require approval or validation, all this with minimum downtime and no waste in terms of resources while waiting for process resumption. Got work to do? You’ll find it in your Tasks Inbox :mailbox_with_mail:


Major schedules overhaul. The functionality is now called Triggers, its highlight being that you now have the possibility to trigger a process whenever new queue items are available in your queues.

We also implemented a Queue SLA tool which gives you better control over the processing time of your queue items, and helps you assess what resources you need to allocate such that the items are processed in time.

When creating a new queue, or editing an existing one, you can upload custom JSON schemas for the Specific Data, Output Data, and Analytics Data generated by all future transactions to be validated against, ensuring any successfully processed queue item has a reliable form of data.
Individual transaction items from your Queues can now be edited or cloned, enabling you to change the priority or deadline to suit business needs.

Manually Restart Jobs

Quickly run a job from the ones having a final state while keeping the initial job configuration. The decision to modify the previous settings of the job lies in your hands.

Multiple Non-Working Day Calendars

You can now create multiple calendars per tenant, each with its own set of dates, such that whatever restrictions you want to impose, they can be granularly controlled.

New UI

Almost forgot about this one. We kind of changed the user interface, guys. To fit this finely-crafted work of code, testing and brainstorming our company went through :wink: while working on this release, we made some changes to our interface such that everything is organized better in the menus. We wanted to give it a more intuitive design, such that you find it easier to use and have a smooth user experience. You probably won’t at the beginning, but give it a try. Trust us on this one.

For more details about these goodies, check the full Release Notes

“19.9?” @andraciorici chuckled. “It’s the best one.”
The room burst into laughter. They all knew 19.10 is just around the corner. :sunny:

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UiPath Studio 2019 Preview

Click here to see how to switch to Preview channel in UiPath Studio.

(in case you are using Studio Community Edition and you do not see this option, see here)
Also, make sure you have activities beta feed active to be able to download beta versions of our activity packs.

Note: Please make sure that your robot system tray is not running when the update happens. This can lead to some issues with your robot service. If your Studio is misbehaving when running/debugging processes after the update, please follow this guide.

Workflow Analyzer

Continuous improvements to our newly introduced workflow analyzer tool. Learn more about this here. To learn more about available rules and how to modify them, see here. Documentation is still in progress, but do let us know what kind of critical information is missing.

With this version, we introduced more streamlined way to filter and to customize rules.


Licensing and Configuration Splash Screen

We moved the entire licensing and profile configuration after install and before Studio load. This was needed because we plan a few surprises in the upcoming period. Let us know what you think and how it can be improved.

Orchestrator Resources Panel

Thanks to the new Resources pane you can now fetch your Orchestrator assets and queues to easily reference them in your project

Simpy refresh your Orchestrator resources to see it:

From this panel you can also quickly navigate to your Orchestartor



Properties of the current executing activity visible in the Locals Panel

You can now see the properties of the current executing activity directly in Locals Panel during debugging


Run debugging from specific point

You can now start your debugging from a specific point in your workflow


CV and UiAutomation packages become one

The formerly known ComputerVision package is now merged within UiAutomation.

Productivity changes

We are committed to make your life easier. This is why we have implemented several quality of life improvements.

Choose Open Project Behavior

You can now choose the behavior for "open project". Start with no file open, only open your Main file or open all previously opened tabs


Default layouts for Design and Debug were adjusted

We changed the default layout for debug and design. You can change them to accommodate your own preferences and the layouts will be saved.

Drill down into Command Palette via single click

Based on feedback from usability interviews single clicking through Command Palette options for drill down is preferred over double click and speeds up usage. Double click was kept only for final selection.

Debug File as default option

As a result of feedback from you we replaced debug project with debug file as first option in Ribbon. Same shortcuts were kept. We’re still planning improvements here in the future around user preferences.

Workfow Analyzer and Validation bundled

Ribbon now bundles all Validate and Workflow Analyzer options. WF Analyzer include the validate function, but you can use Validate separately should you wish to. We kept the same shortcuts for Validate and introduced new shortcuts for the new WF Analyzer options.

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UiPath Robot 2019 Preview

Automatically update your processes

You can now configure your robot to automatically update your processes:

Auto-start your process when Robot Agent is turned on

You can now configure your process to trigger automatically whenever Robot system tray is turned on:

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UIAutomation 2019 Preview

Regular Expression (RegEx) support for selector attributes

A regular expression, or RegEx, is a special text string for describing a search pattern. This makes them ideally suited for searching, text processing, and data validation.

Using the RegEx search capabilities in selectors enables you to identify multiple target element with a single search execution. Without RegEx, multiple selectors would have been built to identify each target element.

This feature applies at attribute level and can be used to many attributes in a single selector. By using RegEx attributes, you can increase the selector’s resilience to target application changes and build more reliable automation.

Fuzzy search capabilities at the selector’s top-level tag

The selector generated for an application contains a top-level tag that refers the window/browser tab and has identifying attributes like title, process name, URL, window name, or other. Very often, top level tag values are dynamically changing as the targeted applications rewrite these tags to be consistent with its underlying actions, thus causing selector search failure (SelectorNotFound).
Fuzzy string matching is a technique to search strings which are not 100% match, and match a pattern approximately, rather exactly. This applies at the attribute level and can be used to create more resilient to change selectors.

Selector Non-Greedy search

The Non-Greedy search makes it possible to identify the target element from a pool of similar applications, matching the attributes you specify. It needs to be included in the top-level tag of a selector.
Introducing Non-Greedy search in your selectors instructs it to search through all the active windows or browser instances which match the top-level tags of your selector, and not just the window instances in focus.

WebDriver Support

WebDriver is a remote-control interface that enables introspection and control of web browsers, with or without the recognizable graphical interface. It provides a platform and language neutral wire protocol as a way for out-of-process programs to remotely instruct the behavior of web browsers.
You can now use the WebDriver support for automating web application running in Chrome and Firefox, without the need of installing any of the extensions.
Any automation created using the WebDriver, can be execute through browser extension, while automation created through browser extension can be run through the WebDriver.
Through WebDriver, a browser can run with or without the graphical interface (headless), thus you can run the automation completely silent with improved execution performance and no interaction at all.

Silverlight popup support

We’ve added the capability of generating selectors for the Silverlight popups interaction (non-modal & modal windows). Enjoy!

Please provide feedback about these new features. We are still testing them a bunch and your help will speed up our Stable release :slight_smile:

If you’re curious, you can also see these release notes for all UiPath 2019 Community versions released so far:

Click image below and let us know what you think.


Awesome! I just logged in and I can see the changes. I’m so excited, great job!


Im having licensing problems… my studio got unlicensed, dont know what i did or if we are having server issues, but my cloud community orchestrator says it is now unlicensed…


Posting this here as well for in case there are others that have issues with this.

If you are running into licensing issues please go to your service in portal and reallocate your licenses. This could mean that you aren’t taking the full advantage of the 5 licenses we started giving in community 6 months ago.



me too!!


I have solved about my license expired problem. Thanks to Catalin_Anastasoaie! I posted that I operated for solving my case.

HowToReallocateLicense.pdf (742.5 KB)


Package explorer in Orchestrator is really really really awesome.


One more, I have to highlight trigger job when item is added in to Queue. really a needed one. Thanks for your effort.


I tried out the We used to run one package successfully for the past 2 weeks. Now it is giving us an error with status as faulted

Info: The feed ‘ []’ lists package ‘TC_CashAllocation.1.0.10’ but multiple attempts to download the nupkg have failed. The feed is either invalid or required packages were removed while the current operation was in progress. Verify the package exists on the feed and try again.


Hi @rahulraj987

Is it a library project that was uploaded to Orchestrator?

I wonder, is it possible that your feed settings in Orchestrator changed from Tenant to Host?
(Settings → Deployment tab)

You could try switching it back to tenant and see if it will help here.


This worked for me. Thanks


Nice update :slight_smile: !


Thanks for the reply. I will check and get back on this. Also Is there any change on how we add robot? I added the robot, I connected the robot tray. But the orchestrator still shows it as disconnected. I already have one unattended bot running. (this is not run from orchestrator. Since that bot is busy, it shows it as running.) Any idea on this?


No changes were made to actually provisioning the robots. At most, there was this small thing that you might have to assign licenses to your Orchestrator Instance from your Cloud Account as mentioned above:


@loginerror We changed the feed to Host. This also did not solve the problem. What we had to do to solve this was (in addition to making it Host)

  1. Disconnect orchestrator from the robot tray of the server
  2. Manually upload the published nupkg to the orchestrator and select the latest version
    3.Go to the tray and download the package there also(see pic below)
    4.Now the run worked
    If I keep the tray connected, I am getting this error when I run the job. While the tray is connected when I try to download the package from the tray, I am getting the same error as I mentioned above

We will be contacting you on UiPath Community Slack to investigate the issue further. Please let us know if you are not able to access slack


I am in slack, yes.


Amazing work! :partying_face:

@loginerror did Studio logo changed back to the old one? Or is it just me?

(Left is 2019.9.2, right is 2019.10.0-beta.52)


Hi @nerlichman,

You will experience many changes in beta because a lot of stuff is not permanent.


Congratulations with the orchestrator updates. :partying_face:

It would be great if there would be a short video about new features.