Introducing UiPath Insights Cloud

hey @GouthamVijay, Insights Cloud is only for our Automation Cloud. We do have Insights for on-prem as well!


Just what ive been waiting for!
@Matthew_Tan, seems we discussed this just last week :smiley: or 2 weeks ago :smiley:

Hey - on Automation cloud would Insights require a separate license?

Yes Aussta, you will need a license specifically for Cloud Insights.

thanks. is this for the module with unlimited users?

Cloud Insights has unlimited viewers, but comes with a limitation of 10 designer users. You can always purchase more designer users if it makes sense.


Is there any reason we are not having import dashboard option there? I was checking to use the long running process dashbaord in cloud insights.


hey @balramrv, we will be building the import/dashboard export feature. It will be coming towards the end of the year. However, the LRW dash that’s on the marketplace will not work for Cloud Insights. We will likely release a separate one specifically for cloud


I’m just wondering when insight cloud will be available in Australia?

We are targeting the end of this month or next month!

Just to follow up - it will probably not be this month :slight_smile: Likely end of next month

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Hi, any news on this - Insight in Australia? Thanks!

It’s released in Australia.

Hmm… I still don’t see it as a service that can be provisioned. And based here, says

only available for tenants in the US and Northern Europe regions.

We are on Enterprise Plan (partner).

Whoops looks like that one part of our docs wasn’t updated, sorry about that. It is indeed available in Australia like Chris said. This link should be your first stop to see regional availability.

As far as you not being able to see it, is your Orchestrator tenant currently set up in Australia?

Yes it is set up in Australia. Looks like I need to raise a support ticket.

Before you do that, do you have a license for Insights?

Oh is that a separate license? That I didn’t know :grinning:

Yup, it requires a separate license

Hey @Michelle_Yurovsky - any update on when we’ll be able to access custom logs and queues?