Introducing new-look administration spaces in Automation Cloud

Introducing new-look administration spaces in Automation Cloud

We are always working to offer you more capabilities in Automation Cloud while also refining the navigation experiences to accommodate the ever-growing feature set!

Today, we are announcing revamped administration spaces. These improve and simplify your administration experience by creating dedicated spaces for doing organization-level and tenant-level administration tasks.

This change does not alter any current feature functionality - all the capabilities that you have been using in the Automation Cloud will remain the same. But the revamped information architecture and experience should make navigation simpler, and it paves the way for new administration capabilities we will introduce over the coming months.

Working at the organization level

With this new layout, you’ll find the organization hierarchy at the top of the navigation panel. When you access the organization context, all the sections related to the organization-level administration will be displayed on the right-hand side. Within each section, you’ll find the same familiar options and configurations you’re already used to.

Working at the tenant level

Similarly, when you click on a tenant you want to manage, all the management sections related to tenant-level administration are displayed on the right-hand side, so you can easily find the settings you want to change.

No sudden moves!

Because even a good change is still a change, we’ve done work to make the transition easier. First, you’ll be prompted with a walkthrough tour that will guide you through the new experience when you access the new admin space for the first time.

Additionally, you’ll be able to switch back and forth between the new design and the existing one – for a while. We want to give you time to get used to the new structure and navigation without having to move instantly – and as always, we’d love your early feedback on the new experience.

Going forward, we have more features coming - and they will only be added to the new experience. So we hope you’ll start using it as much as you can now, to gear up for a lot of new and shiny stuff! We plan to remove the option to use the old experience at some point in the future, but by then we hope the upcoming features will have won you over to the new experience anyway.

We trust you’ll find this transition easy, with the tour and experience toggle options to help you make the move. We can’t wait to tell you soon about the benefits of some of the new capabilities this redesign will help you discover and navigate more easily. Thanks again for being a UiPath customer!


Nice and fresh update @Chetak_Shankar


awesome look, and very helpful! :slight_smile:

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I was shock at first but this new look is rather more convenient than the old one. Keep up the good work

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Sounds great! Nice improvement
But still waiting for one day

  • being able to switch between organizations or even accounts (in like a google style) without needing to logout and login (ufff!)
  • being able to setup an option to not log me off automatically so I don’t have to login every day again. I even thought I will write a robot to log me in the Orchestrator every day. :crying_cat_face:
    — UPDATE: It apparently is not happening 1) on my phone and 2) to my colleague… so - what am I doing wrong? :confused: