Introducing Canary Tenant for Automation Cloud

With UiPath Automation Cloud, we continuously deploy updates every 2 weeks to bring your our latest and greatest features. We’ve heard your feedback for having an environment to test changes before they are deployed to your enterprise tenants.

We are excited to announce a new tenant type to do exactly that within your existing Enterprise Organization, our Canary Tenant!

For our first release of Canary Tenant, we’ve focused on making Orchestrator available as we’ve heard from you this is the most critical service to validate. Updates will appear in a Canary Tenant at least 3 days before it reaches production tenants. We plan to add additional services going forward and would love your feedback on which ones are most important to you.

Creating a Canary Tenant

If you’d like to start using a canary tenant, first enable the New Admin Experience for your organization.

Then when you go to create a tenant in your organization, you will now see the option to “Use as a canary environment.”

Tips on using Canary Tanary

To make the most of your Canary Tenant, we recommend setting it up in the same way as your production tenants. This includes replicating the same:

  • Tenant settings in UiPath Orchestrator
  • Service-level settings for each of the services you provisioned in the canary tenant
  • Service-level roles and user licenses for your users
  • Automations in Orchestrator - You can use the UiPath Orchestrator Manager to copy data from one of your tenants to the canary tenant.


With a canary tenant, you can view, test, and run the same automations that you use in production and find any breaking changes before they reach your production tenants.

Want to learn more?

If you have any questions about how the canary tenant works, or want to find out more details, you can always refer to our documentation.

We value your feedback

Please share with us your first experience with the canary tenant and what they have empowered you to run. Our product team appreciates your feedback and will consider it in future product releases.


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