Intralinks web automation


I recently tried the community edition to build a very simple sequence on Interlinks, one of the most popular ( if not the most) popular exchanges for M&A, Private Equity etc. The process is very simple: type a set if credentials, log in, navigate through a sequence of 2-3 buttons and then download a off file. Loggin in post no problem (even though credentials are to be typed on a new IE tab) however the subsequent click function does not work and no selector related message is generated. If the sequence is run for the second time without closing the IE browser opened by the first iteration, the a second IE browser will be opened, the result will be exactly the same ( no navigation), however the first navigation step will occur in the first browser. If the sequence us played for the third time, them the IE browser opened initially will execute the second navigation step, the browser opened at the second run will execute the first navigation step and the third browser will not execute any navigation. It seems that for executing each navigation step, the sequence needs to be played for a corresponding number of times. Switching to double click did not improve the result. Any ideas?