What are the challenges faced in your project while automating web app, desktop, data scrapping, citric app?

Please help me with your real time experience.

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Hi Tanushree,

Here are the few issues I have faced.

  1. Iframe applications automation
  2. Session timeout challenges when automating couple hour long tasks.
  3. Exception handling in Citrix
  4. Data scraping might not work all the time so you might have to build custom loops for the same
  5. The process runs fine in SIT or UAT but production environment thows some issues, have to find the root cause (which is an actual challenge)

There are many others will update soon.



Hi Tanushree,

Great.! That’s really good question

alright so for web app,

  1. Usually the very first issue we will be facing is page loading and the time taken for each page to load. This can be handled with some of the activities like on element appear or on image appear or on element vanish or on image vanish or wait element vanish or wait image vanish. Here the reason why we have two common different activities like image and element…That’s the second issue we will be facing

  2. Some of the web app fields, buttons might not be accessible in that case we need to usage image activities instead of using element accessing activities. This will be our very next issue.

  3. Then here comes the common question that we face even in our forum,our bot works well for a browser in our local machine while it fails in vm machine…This will be very interesting. and this can be rectified with proper implementation of software version and there are some other possibilities like robot version mismatch, unable to access the element in vmmachines, etc

  4. One of the major issue would be integrating different web applications, We must be clear with workflow when navigating to different applications in a single process.

For desktop app,

1.The major issue would be selectors, because for desktop application we be having different container with partial selectors. So taking the proper selectors will be a great challenge.

  1. And the application must be brought foreground to perform actions on it unless we use certain activities like pdf related activities or excel related activites that does not need the application to be opened in foreground, else all the applications must be in foreground to perform our process

  2. Here comes the next issue, based on the above point 2. like when we run in orchestrator like unattended robot, we must be very clear about the point 2. Else we would face many issues like element not accessible, page timeout reached.

For Data scraping,

  1. Usually that issues that we would be facing is not able to scap all the details from all the pages of web will web or data scraping. This can be solved by mentioning the max numberof resuts with 0.

Else there would be no issue with data scraping, unless we dont mention the fields correctly while data scraping

Hope this would help you



Thank you @Raghavendraprasad @Palaniyappan

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My best wishes


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