Interview questions

Could some one please answer the below questions:

  1. Any real time example where Read pdf with ocr can used? I know the general sequence 1.Reading pdf and display the text. can any one provide a big workflow can you provide where ReadPDFwithOCR has been used.

  2. Can we schedule a bot with out using the orchestrator? if so how?


Yes. you can using Task Schedular.

Hi … can u explain in detail steps if possible


I don’t have any workflow. We will use Read PDF with OCR activity to work with PDF which contains images and scanned PDF’s files etc…

@lakshman can you Elaborate more on scheduling a bot without orchestrator, because as far as i know the process no longer works.

@vekatesh_chowdary @WhenCutEsh

Yes. we used this method before orchestrator was not there. It was deprecated now. And also UiPath won’t support if you face any issue.

For your reference, please find the below threads:

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so … Apart from orchestrator and Task schedulre no other options there to schedule a task right…

I understand that - For example - if the page contains 10 lines and email id … i need only email id from that pdf page … so this case instead of going to Read pdf text Its better to use get text field right… this is the only approach that is recommended or still we have any better options.


Yes, we don’t have any other options to do this.


Suppose, if PDF file is password protected then we have to do following steps:

  1. open PDF file
  2. Enter password
  3. use Get Text to read required text
  4. closing PDF file

If you will use Read PDF text activity then no need to do all these steps. It will give you output as string and then apply String manipulation functions or regular expressions to read required data from file.

Guys,Here are few interview questions :slight_smile: