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90% of development completed and if you have to do some changes ,how is the process followed in this situation ?

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For this question, I would say, I will take the new change as a separate new change request and will incorporate the change in the next release if the new change is affecting the deadlines of the current work schedule. If it is not affecting the current schedule, I would estimate the effort for the new change and will see whether it can be incorporated. If not, I would go ahead with what we are doing right now for the first release, and will incorporate the new change in the next version.


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So the answer would be,

There are usually 6 Phases in RPA,

  1. Enable - Infrastructure Setup
  2. Preparation - Reviewing best practice
  3. Design - Creating PDD (Project Design Document)
  4. Build - Building the components (workflows) as per the PDD
  5. Test - SIT and UAT for the build made and creating DSD(Development Specification Document).
  6. Sustain (Support) - Manage the changes and improvements. Performing workflow support with any updates.

Now there are two chances in your case,

  1. If the development is say 90% as you mention, you are now in 4th phase. There a file named PDD document is used which usually describes the design of the workflow that we are going to use for component development. If there is any new requirement, we must include that to our PDD and create that as an add on component, because we should be always clear that a process should have sub processes, and workflows should be developed for those sub processes only, Then only we can add new or change the existing requirements easily without affecting other workflows.

  2. if you development is over and bot is in use, you are now in 6 th position of RPA Project Phase. Like your can add the new requirement and proceed again from 2 nd phase to 6th phase.


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Could you please elaborate a bit the second point here -
2. Preperation - Reviewing Best practice.

what exactly we need to do it in this phase of RPA.
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Though we have got lot of options to implement a process we need to find the most feasible method to do that process
That is what is involved in the second stage

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