Interview Question - What are the technical challenges faced in Automation using UiPath

What are the technical challenges faced in Automation using UiPath.

This is the most common interview question , Can anyone give your thoughts on this?

Hi @Karan28 ,

I would say generally there is no such technically challenges using UiPath but definitely you will face the challenges in respect to particular application over here i mean to say let suppose you are trying to automation an legacy application and their might be a chance you are not able to interact that application properly due to the selector issue so in that case you might need to apply some other technique like hotkeys etc.

So in generally we face challenges while automating particular application.

Hope this clear your question

Happy Automation :slight_smile:

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There are many and again it depends on the application you are automating. For example in SAP application you can not directly interact from UiPath without enabling scripting like wise there are many application which will require additional support/tool to automate it.


Each bot process you create with have its own set of challenges, but they are highly individual based upon what you want the bot to do; scrape data from a database, extract email files compile them and send them off, work some process on a computer or VM.

Citrix environments for example are different than interacting with websites in that there is no html tag communication so you don’t get to use a lot of the click type of functionality in UiPath. Using OCR is always sort of a last resort because of it’s inaccuracy but sometimes it is the only tool that will work. Browser based anything is prone to timing differences dependent on the activity on the network at the time, whether it is based on your company’s side or your client’s side. If you need to take information from unstructured data vs structured data those will have to be factored into the end result of the bot’s output and what is actually possible for it do to accurately, being asked to perform an automation on a ‘bad’ automation test case that is prone to errors and unstructured data also happens.

So that’s mostly the types of problems you would be solving with UiPath, as far as problems that the UiPath program has itself, and again some of these are not universal, image capture doesn’t have much feedback to it, things like click image don’t always work well, OCR for any RPA program is always hit or miss based upon the text your trying to get (there are some postprocessing of screen capture things you can do to make it more accurate). Overall its a good program though and can be very effective as a tool.

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